New collabs coming up + Fun news!

Hi guys!

So a lot has been going on lately, and it´s time for me to share it with you as well, hehe. 

A bunch of new makeup collabs are coming up this fall, first up now is with the amazing @elizabethandreamua, she is stunning. It will be released on Monday 21 of August. The rest will come later. 

I'm leaving for L.A now 31 of August, I´ll be in town for a couple of days before I fly out to Honolulu for a few days, and of course Maui.

So when I get back to my studio - Haloween is right around the corner!!! Holy Smokes! I promise to give you guys some fake blood action this year as well.

The other news is that I´ve been eating raw vegan food now for over a month. And I can really say that this has been life changing. I will for sure update you more about this, and more trips are coming up. I will link in a video more about my raw vegan journey. 


Talk soon, much love!